Prior Period for Aman Chugh

What we are is God’s gift to us, what we become is our gift to God. And this God’s gift was born on 12th of November, 1981 in Ambala Cantt, Haryana.

The achievements of this whiz-kid in his personal and professional life are nothing but the clear reflection of the par excellence achieved by his father Mr. Arun Kumar Chugh in his life.
Mr. Arun Kumar Chugh has served for 36 splendid years in Punjab State Electricity Board (PSEB). At the time of retirement he was serving, not only as the Engineer in Chief but also as the Advisor to the Chairmen of PSEB.

Born to the fortunate mother of two, Mrs. Ranju Chugh, Aman makes the saying true that “Men are what their mother’s make them”. A home maker by profession, Mrs. Ranju Chugh has nurtured this power house kid with all her love, affection and care.

Famous “SLEEPING BEAUTY” of his childhood, he has always been a centre of attraction in his own ways. Be it matter of having an excellent academic records or being the most POPULAR GUY ROUND THE CORNER, Aman has always had, what one would call, an unbeatable track record.

Although everyone is gifted, some people never open their package. But Aman, student of S.D. School, Chandigarh, has made his life a mission – not an intermission. He completed his higher senior secondary with outstanding academic profile and was awarded scholarships as well. He was a University Rank Holder in University of Punjab while doing Bachelors in commerce (Accounts honors).
Apart from being a studious boy, Aman was also actively involved in extracurricular activities at school and college level. From being a model to Mr. Cyanide of University of Punjab, from being the best dancer, thrice, to a state level Badminton player, Aman has performed and dominated it all.

Alongside B.Com (H), he concluded his CA course, did his articleship with the biggest CA firms in the city and became a first attempt chartered accountant at the age of 22. He joined PriceWaterHouse Coopers (PwC) for his training. This was the time when he also handled few projects at Ernst & Young, Dubai.

Then he joined the General Electric (India and USA) in the year 2005. While working in GE, he got the opportunity of managing a case of merger and acquisition where a company called IONICS was getting merged in GE (Boston in USA). It was an opportunity as well as a challenge for a young boy of 24 year, but the challenge was handled effectively by this HUMAN DYNAMO.
It has been his choice and not a mere chance that has determined his successful career. After getting much exposure and experience at GE, he decided to come back to India in 2006, for his love and gratitude towards his motherland.

When he was back, he joined the ICICI Bank in Corporate and SME banking division. Here he was given the responsibility of setting up a new department in Punjab and Haryana. And as usual, an exemplary performance was delivered, resulting in CA Aman Chugh being awarded the STAR ACHIEVEMENT AWARD in just 8 to 10 months of joining the ICICI Bank.
But nothing is enough for the man to whom enough is too little. Same is the case with Aman. When given an opportunity, he decided to be a part of the Treasury Department of ICICI Bank. He again was made the AREA HEAD for Punjab and Haryana.

As the area head, he did his best in bringing the highest number of clients for his department which resulted in highest treasury income as well. Due to his exceptional performance in such a short span of time, he was promoted and made the Regional Head, North and was transferred to New Delhi in 2008.
One very basic distinctive quality of Aman Chugh is that wherever he goes, he goes with all his heart and that is the reason as to which he is able to capture and captivate all the hearts. Personality is to Aman what perfume is to a flower.

With looks that kill, he easily manages to conquer the hearts of most of the women he comes across. This Punjabi Munda, with his jaw dropping looks, is a heart throb till date. But for once in your life, comes a person with whom you are absolutely meant to be with. Everything seems perfect then. The stars are aligned; body and spirit are in balance. Something similar happened with our Aman when he came across his lady love.

Many dreams shattered, when his dream came true; “Jab HE Met” his “Soul Mate” 🙂
Every successful man has a woman behind him, but in case of Aman, his lady has always been beside him. The precise picture of elegance and beauty, Mrs. Aatika Chugh has given the much desired strength and serenity to Mr. Chugh. This lovely mother of a beautiful daughter, SINHAYANA has made Aman a complete man like nothing else could ever have done.
Intelligence truly runs in the genes of this family. This has been proved once again by the kid sister of Mr. Chugh, Miss. Ankita Chugh. A student of MBA, who has topped her university in her 1st semester, has made her parents proudest of all.

CA Aman Chugh has always acted as an architect of his own fate and that is what he preaches as well. A first shot Chartered Accountant, a Treasury Head, a mentor and a faculty in many leading institutes, Aman Chugh has always been recognized for his endless efforts and never ending enthusiasm.

And as they say, that Integrity is the essence of everything successful, it has to be and actually is, the most indispensable part of AMAN CHUGH’S character. A resplendent personality with the aura of knowledge, Aman Chugh is truly the most apposite source of inspiration and motivation.

The finest mentor one could ever had, is also the most cerebral teacher , as teaching is the greatest act of optimism and highest form of understanding.
A Go-Getter, with vivid qualities, Aman is capable of mesmerizing each and everyone who comes in his aura. Money glitters, beauty sparkles and intelligence shines; these characteristics make AMAN CHUGH the Ultimate Divine.